For Providers Only

Welcome to Central Drug's Provider Resource Center. We are providing useful information to help maximize the efficiency of your practice. Below you 'll find a sample of complimentary prescriptions. Please call us to have a member of our team stop by and provide you with information . We work hard to provide you with the tools that you will need if your patient needs a compounded medication.

RX Pads
• Blank Trimix RX Form
• Blank BHRT Form
• Blank Colorectal Rx Form
• Blank Pain Management Form
• Blank Skin Care Form
• Blank Pediatric Cough & Cold Form

What can we do to help your practice? 
• Immunization and Injectable Services. As more and more providers are no longer able to provide shots in their office, we are here to fill the void . Contact us to visit with you about what needs you may have and how we can remove workload from your staff. 

• Medication Modification. We are here to help with those challenging patients by delivering a "patient specific" medication. Options for the treatment program that you see fit include: creams, ointments, solutions, syrups, capsules, and topicals. You are free to practice medicine, instead of following what the insurance company wants you to do.