Amy, CPhT

Amy is our head pharmacy technician at Central Drug.  She has been with Central Drug for over 10 years. Her favorite thing about being a pharmacy technician is seeing her regular customers and catching up.  Amy has two beautiful daughters, Gabby and Maegan.  Outside of work she enjoys spending time with her daughters and attending their many extracurricular activities. We are blessed to have Amy as a pharmacy technician at Central drug. 


Jenny, CPhT

Jenny is our head lab technician at Central Drug. She has worked at Central Drug for eight years. Jenny spends her days working in the lab compounding medicine to meet the individual needs of patients.  She is hardworking and loves seeing the impact her work has on our patients.   When Jenny isn't compounding prescriptions, you can find her spending time with her family.  She has five children and three grandchildren!  She loves yoga and traveling to Houston to see her sister. Jenny is a true asset to Central Drug. We do not know what we would do without her. 


Michael, CPhT

Michael is one of our compounding techs at Central Drug. He has been with Central Drug since May of this year.  He not only helps compound prescriptions but also helps fix any computer and electronic needs in the pharmacy.   Michael obtained his Pharmacy Technician Certification while a senior in high school. While working as a pharmacy technician, he studied to become an EMT. After completing his EMT certification, he realized his love for the pharmacy and decided to continue working as a pharmacy technician. Michael is the proud parent of two cats, Bellatrix and Queso, and his rabbit, Mr. Rabbit.  When Michael is not working, you can find him hanging out with his family and friends. 


Katherine, CPhT


Jo, Administration


David, Delivery Tech

David is our Delivery Tech and Mr. Fix It at Central Drug. In addition to making deliveries, David helps facilitate the payment and delivery of our compounded eye drops to patients across the state of Texas. He has worked for Central Drug for three years.  David is retired from the City of Victoria Fire Department. During his time with VFD, David received the Life Saver's Award!  He and his wife, Lisa, have three children and two grandchildren .  He enjoys watching sports, working outside, and riding his Harley! Thanks for all you do for Central Drug David!